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Games Workshop Age Of Sigmar: Anvilgard

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Represent the city of Anvilgard in a Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Firestorm campaign quickly and easily with this set, designed to represent the forces of Order that live there.

The Anvilgard Box Set Contains:
34 Models

  • 1 Knight-Vexillor: carrying a warhammer and meteoric standard

  • 2 sets of Judicators: 10 models in total, with skybolt bows, boltstorm crossbows, shockbolt and thunderbolt bows included, as well as 24 variant heads

  • 1 Scourgerunner Chariot, drawn by 2 dark steeds and holding 7 harpoons

  • 1 Black Ark Fleetmaster, who comes armed with a black ark cutlass and murder hook

  • 1 War Hydra, 6 headed monster with 2 Beastmaster Handlers, who carry cruel goads and whips – this kit can optionally be assembled as a Kharibdyss

  • 2 sets of Black Ark Corsairs – 20 models in total, armed with vicious blades, wicked cutlasses and repeater handblows


Also included is an Allegiance Ability rulesheet for armies from Anvilgard, as found in the Firestorm book, and 2 Stormcast Eternals transfer sheets.


The Hammerhal Box set is a limited stock item, Order now to avoid disappointment!


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