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Spartan Games Aquan Prime Ground Command Helix

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Armed with a fore-mounted Corona Heavy Laser battery, twin Maelstorm turret-mounts and a bank of Stingray missiles, the Malani Heavy Command Barge is capable of independently targeting numerous targets, be they Armoured or Aerial. The vehicle’s hull is formed of an intricate matrix of crystal and armoured shell causing the Malani to have an increased resonance with Votari Crystals deployed on the battlefield, their effects magnified by the Malani’s presence until they become capable of storing greater levels of laser energy fired into them by the remainder of the Aquan force.

This pack contains:

  • 1 Malani Heavy Command Barge
  • 4 Marana Light Recon Tanks
  • 1 Grand Company (consisting of 1 Officer Base, 3 Sweeper Teams, 3 Gun Teams & 2 Infantry Bases)
  • 2 Votari Crystals

  • Models come unassembled and unpainted
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