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Some bears stand over 10 feet tall and weigh 1 ton, so caring for them is surely a challenge. In Bärenpark, players will attempt to build the best bear park not only for the most massive Kodiak bears, but also polar bears and even Koalas! Yes, we hear you, Koalas aren’t bears. But they were too cute to leave out so they’re here! Design the bear park that pleases the most visitors, placing animal enclosures, restrooms and shops to win the game!



Minimum Players: 2

Maximum Players: 4

Minimum Time: 30

Maximum Time: 45

Minimum Age: 8
Game Type: Stand-Alone
Game Components: 

28 Enclosures (7 for Gobi Brown Bears, 7 for Pandas, 7 for Polar Bears, 7 for Koalas)
16 Park lots
16 Food kiosks
10 Restrooms
10 Playgrounds
16 Waterways
16 Bear statues
12 Outside bear areas (3 for Gobi Brown Bears, 3 for Pandas, 3 for Polar Bears, 3 for Koalas)
30 Building permits
1 Rulebook
1 Supply board

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