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Spartan Games Battle for Proteus Prime - Two Player Box

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Battle for Proteus Prime is an action-packed two player game set in the exciting Firestorm Galaxy. Inside the box are forces for two bitter enemies: the malevolent corporate race known as the Directorate and one of the galaxy's oldest spacefaring races, the Aquan Prime. Discovery of a hidden technology has turned the surface of the long-abandoned world of Proteus Prime into a deadly warzone as these two great races battle for victory.

This box gives you two Core Helix forces (building blocks of the Firestorm Planetfall game), 35 stunningly-detailed 10mm scale miniatures, scenery, a core rulebook, campaign book, dice, tokens, templates and two decks of TAC Cards. The gameplay of Firestorm Planetfall is rapid, fluid and brutal. Emphasis is placed on combined tactics and using the strengths of your various battle groups.

Prepare your invasion forces, Commander... Planetfall is authorized!

Aquan Prime Core Helix

  • 1 'Sedna' Heavy Skimmer
  • 3 'Lamana' Medium Skimmers
  • 1 'Sirsir' Medium Skimmer Designator
  • 4 'Imzani' Light Recon Skimmers
  • 5 bases of 'Khitari' Infantry
  • 2 'Stingray' Anti-Air Batteries
  • 2 'Votari' Crystal Nodes

The Directorate Core Helix:

  • 1 'Desolator' Heavy Battle Crawler
  • 3 'Retaliator' Medium Battle Crawlers
  • 5 bases of 'Patriot' Infantry
  • 1 'Intruder' Combat Personnel Carrier
  • 5 'Informer' Light Recon Buggies
  • 2 'Trojan' Cyber Warfare Tanks

Also included

  • 1 full colour 132-page Rulebook
  • 2 Tactical Action Card Decks
  • 1 A5 Campaign Book (including statistics for all forces in the boxed set)
  • 2 Medium Bunkers
  • 3 Small Buildings
  • 1 A5 Crashed Shuttle Sheet
  • A5 Token and Template Sheets
  • 15 Dice & 2 Micro Dice
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