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Games Workshop Codex: Adeptus Custodes (HB) (8th Edition)

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Codex: Adeptus Custodes contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Adeptus Custodes collectors!
Within this 80-page hardback, you’ll find:

The history of the Adeptus Custodes, from their formation as the Legio Custodes to their increased visibility and wider role in the campaign against Chaos since the Great Rift, and their deployment during the Horus Heresy over 10,000 years ago

The process by which Adeptus Custodes are created. along with details of their defence of Terra including an overview of the palace itself

Rise of the Primarch: an overview of the Gathering Storm, a series of events that saw the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman restored to glory and the Adeptus Custodes being sent to aid the Indomitus Crusade

A Host of Heroes: the composition of the Adeptus Custodes, and the manner in which they organise themselves for war – far more loosely than other Imperial organisations, but easily as effective

Uniforms and Heraldry: examples for 5 shield companies – the Shadowkeepers, the Aquilan Shield, the Dread Host, the Solar Watch and the Emissaries Imperatus

The Solar Fastness: while once the invasion of Terra was unthinkable, since the Great Rift things have changed. This section describes the Adeptus Cusodes’ defence of the Sol System

The Tale of Ten Thousand: a timeline of major events in the Adeptus Custodes’ history

Background and details on each character and unit available to an Adeptus Custodes army

A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, with example armies featuring everything from individual images of models to battle scenes on terrain.


Everything you need to get an Adeptus Custodes army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in here:

13 datasheets providing rules for every Adeptus Custodes unit and miniature

Army abilities reflecting the Adeptus Custodes’ methods of war on the tabletop

Armoury of the Adeptus Custodes: wargear both ranged and close-combat for use by the Adeptus Custodes

Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games

Auric Mortalis: rules for Battle-forged armies, including:
  • 27 unique Stratagems
  • 6 unique Warlord Traits
  • Relics of Terra: 13 weapons and artefacts available only to Adeptus Custodes
  • 6 unique Tactical Objectives



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