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Games Workshop Codex: Thousand Sons (8th Edition) (HB)

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Codex: Thousand Sons contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Thousand Sons collectors. Within this 104-page hardback, you’ll find:


The history of the Thousand Sons, from their formation, the harnessing of the flaw that granted psychic mutations, and their near-destruction during the Horus Heresy at the iconic battle against the Space Wolves on their homeworld of Prospero


The Planet of the Sorcerers: details on this nightmarish world of daemons, from which the Thousand Sons launch their raids, and which has been drawn through the veil by Magnus the Red into the Emperor’s domain


An overview of the Legion’s organisation, with details of the 9 cults it is divided into


12 examples of the uniforms, colour schemes and iconography of Thousand Sons sects; - A galactic map featuring key flashpoints and summoning rituals of the Thousand Sons


Details of the sinister methods of war that these warriors mete out


A timeline covering major battles and events in their history, from the Horus Heresy to the Great Rift


Background and details on each character and unit available to a Thousand Sons army


A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, with example armies featuring everything from individual images of models to battle scenes on terrain.




26 datasheets providing rules for every Thousand Sons unit and miniature

Army abilities reflecting the Thousand Sons’ methods of war on the tabletop

Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games


Sons of Magnus: rules for Battle-forged armies, including:

3 Psychic disciplines – Discipline of Change, Dark Hereticus Discipline and Tzeentch Discipline – each featuring 6 psychic powers

22 unique Stratagems

6 unique Warlord Traits

Sorcerous Arcana: 13 weapons and artefacts available only to Thousand Sons

6 unique Tactical Objectives




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