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A Song Of Ice & Fire - Neutral Units

Neutral units in the A Song Of Ice & Fire miniatures game encompasses a variety of mercenaries and cutthroats who do not swear fealty to any banner other than their own, but will freely offer their services to whoever can afford their fee (and sometimes betray their current client for a new one if they get a better offer!).


Westeros has no shortage of unsavoury characters in the career of inflicting violence on behalf of others for coin.


House Bolton is known and feared for it's practice of flaying the bodies of those it defeats, and their heavy cavalry causing enemy lines to panic.

The Stormcrows are a mercenary company through & through, and follow whoever pays the most.

The Brave Companions (also known as the Bloody Mummers) are outlandish in appearance, their choice of cavalry and attract violent criminals/outcasts from many nations.


These sellsword companies will hire their services out to just about anyone who can afford them (except the Free Folk).

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