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A Song Of Ice & Fire - Night's Watch

The Night's Watch are a faction in the A Song Of Ice & Fire miniatures Game, licensed from the works of George R.R Martin, produced by Cool Mini Or Not, and run an elite army specialising in attrition warfare.


Initially formed to guard the wall defending Southern lands from the threat of the ancient menace of the Whitewalkers, but over centuries their focus was subtly shifted towards the Free Folk living further North attempting to break through the wall and pillaging the South.


Although not strictly a political power player like the Great Houses, the Night's Watch find themselves increasingly drawn into the internecine struggles that wrack the Seven Kingdoms.


Spending most all their free time training has sculpted the Night's Watch into an elite brotherhood of warriors: slowly conquering enemies through their superior skill and arms in combat and seek to maximise the capabilities of both their tactics deck and unit choice.

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