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Blackstone Fortress - Warhammer Quest

Delve into a futuristic Sci-fi dungeon crawler in the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Blackstone Fortresses are ancient void-faring alien archeotech that pre-date Humanity, are exceptionally large, and enormously powerful. There is no telling what fortune or dangers hide in their foreboding corridors, and it falls to 1-5 players to explore the station and keep it out of hands that would abuse it’s relics and devastating secrets.

Choose from a selection of highly detailed explorers, as your party explores and attempts to survive the unknowable perils of the Blackstone Fortress, while searching for fortune/fame/redemption locked away deep in it’s armoured vaults and caches.

Your team may not be the first ones onboard, and you must be prepared for unexpected danger in every corner and shadow if you are going to make it out alive!

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