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Deadzone - Forge Fathers

Forge Fathers are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and field heavily armoured infantry and fighting vehicles in aggressive resource prospecting excursions within the Deadzone.


Forge Fathers are an industrious race reminiscent of dwarves. In no small part to the quality of their weapons and armour, the Forge Fathers easily stand on the same level as the GCPS and Enforcers in terms of both political and military strength. Infact the Enforcers owe their heavy armour protection to older Forge Father technology, sold to the GCPS as part of an uneasy trade alliance.

Normally a peaceable race: clan elders generally prefer trade to war, but some of the finest, sturdiest weapons come from the Forge Fathers, and nowhere is this better demonstrated when a roaming Forge Father Brokkr clan clashes with the GCPS within the Deadzone.


Less interested in territory and more the resources within, the planets within the Deadzone do not exist on official record, which makes them easy pickings for the Forge Fathers. After all the GCPS cannot declare war over planets that do not exist!


Forge Fathers may be short, but their armour is superb, and handle suppression effects well. Further armed with powerful ranged weapons, they can sustain and deliver tremendous punishment to anyone who thinks they can underestimate them and get away with it.

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