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Deadzone - Mercenaries

Mercenaries are a cross-faction group in Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are a collective group of soldiers more interested in personal fortune than any single cause


As long as there is conflict, mercenaries will always be a presence in the galaxy.

To most, the arrival of the Plague and the resulting power struggles between the Sphere council is a dire portent. But such danger offers mercenaries no shortage of opportunity to sell their services within the Deadzone, especially to those left behind or looking to pick through what the GCPS abandoned in their hurry to evacuate.


Whether it's security detail or to lead a covert operation that can't be easily traced back to the buyer, most mercenaries will happily offer their services to any prospective customer, guided only by their individual morality on who they will work with. 



Mercenaries are not a true faction, but both their skills and appearance varies from individual to individual. Some Teraton and ogres hire their prestigious bulk out to whoever will pay their fee, while members of the Sphyr race may think twice before considering a contract with the GCPS.


The presence of a mercenary can bring skills or talents to a squad that it would otherwise lack, presenting an unexpected angle for them to approach a problem as it engages enemy fireteams.

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