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Deadzone - Nameless

The Nameless are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and represent an unusual collection of exotic creatures vaguely resembling enormous intelligent cephalopods.


Semi-aquatic aliens originating from far beyond human-colonised space, sightings of these strange creatures have become increasingly common in Deadzones across Sphere space. Whether these sightings are simple colonisations or an invasion, is impossible for the GCPS to say for sure.


Either incapable of communicating in a way that the other races can comprehend, or simply refusing to, the Nameless resemble sea-dwelling creatures bearing hardened chitin, grinding claws and frightening psionic powers, and their true motives are a complete enigma.


Technically made up of several races living in harmony with each other, these different creatures bring different strengths to a Nameless fire team: from the unscrupulous assassins and lumbering ogres, to the mind-bending Psychotroid and the Bathomite's massive claw shields.


The Nameless are an exotic army with great, flexible options that make them fun to paint and play.

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