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Deadzone - Rebs

The Rebs are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are a rag tag band of human and alien freedom fighters that actively spurn the GCPS' brutal expansionist regime.


Aliens may earn a degree of respect and representation amongst the GCPS' council, but the corporation is known to ignore this when it suits their agenda; from excessive taxation, to environmental destruction and genocide. Humans are not immune to this mistreatment either, and over time these individuals have formed a loose federation of freedom fighters from all walks of life.


While not officially recognised as a separate state, the Rebs nonetheless govern a small number of independent star systems that they have fought tooth & nail to liberate, spared by their ability to hide in plain sight as well as take advantage of the chaos of the Plague in order to move and strike unseen.

The Rebs do not form standard armies, but instead operate out of independent guerilla cells. Smugglers, saboteurs, vengeful trigger fingers and separatists will find each other in good company out in the Deadzones. If the GCPS hoped that the Plague would wipe out the Rebs, they are sorely mistaken!


The Rebs are racially diverse: humans rub shoulders with the reptilian Teratons, shark-like Sphyr and dextrous Zee, making them a fun and characterful force to model and paint.

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