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Deadzone - Veer-myn

The Veer-myn are a faction in Warpath/Deadzone, Produced by Mantic Games and are twisted rat-like creatures that lurk and multiply wherever they travel, before rising forth in a tide of death & destruction to dominate a planet.


The mutated descendants of ancient stowaway vermin on the early human colony ships, the Veer-myn only superficially resemble their ancestors. Grown to monstrous proportions and possessed of a malign intelligence, Veer-myn spread across the galaxy as unwelcome guests on freighters, establishing their own colonies underneath the nose of other races and building their strength in order to undermine and swarm over everything in their path. The creation of the Deadzones presents the Veer-myn with significantly improved ability to operate locally, but restricts their ability to migrate. Due to their subterranean nature, the true scale of a Veer-myn infestation is difficult to truly comprehend, to say nothing of their prodigious birth rates.


Equipped with whatever they can find or cobble together, Veer-myn are both fanatically loyal to their matriarch and patriarch, and have no issue with employing vicious mining tools or noxious chemical weapons in order to win the day.


Whether springing from hiding places amidst the ruins of abandoned hab blocks or rising up from underground, the Veer-myn strike fast and strike hard and in great number. The Veer-myn are sadistic when it comes to their choice of weaponry: heavy industrial tools complement heavy autoguns and mutated monstrosities that the Veer-myn bring in tow.

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