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About Dreadball

Dreadball is a 'truescale' 28mm / 1:56 scale sci-fi skirmish tabletop game for 1-2 players, produced by Mantic Games, and sets two teams against one another in no-holds barred contact football


Set in the same futuristic universe as Deadzone and Warpath (also produced by Mantic Games), Dreadball is a spin-off game of intergalactic football.


Dreadball is one of the most popular sports played in the galaxy: attracting all manner of quirky faces to the field to battle for justice, glory, money or just because it's fun being able to (accidentally) beat the opposing team into the arena floor.


A typical Dreadball team runs between 6-14 players depending on what race is being fielded. From the cunning Veer-Myn, agile Kalynshi and vengeful Sphyr, to stout Forge Fathers, bulky Matusdans and incorporeal Ada-lorana: Dreadball attracts virtually every race. Brought together by a mutual desire to win and the rules of the game itself.


Scoring is dynamic in Dreadball: formations do not reset when either player scores and runs off a shared track: meaning score can go back and forth throughout a game, and immediately ends if either player ever scores 7 on their side of the track.


With the level of strategic and tactical diversity, some teams are stronger at certain strategies than others, forcing others to adapt their playstyle, while also still playing to their individual strengths, ensuring Dreadball has enough depth for players to keep coming back for more.

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