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Gates Of Antares - Concord

The Concord / C3 are a faction in Beyond The Gates Of Antares, Produced by Warlord Games and bring to battle some of the most potent weapons in Antarean space.


A combination of humanity and machine sentience tightly knit together by an integrated intelligence network, Concord society would be considered a utopia by some. This intelligence network frees it's citizens up to pursue their endeavours, free of compulsion or unwanted responsibilities, while simultaneously anticipating their needs and provides benevolent governance to it's subjects.


The Concord has access to some of Antarean space's most powerful weapon systems, and uses it's logistical finesse to efficiently deploy large quantities of ranged firepower and well protected soldiers to eliminate threats to it's citizens.


Soldier for soldier, the Isorian Shard with it's rival intelligence network and Vorl are their only true equals. And the Concord's support drones give it's troops a powerful mobile arsenal that lets them face down the most heavily armoured enemies.


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