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About Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars Armada is a pre-painted, pre-assembled sci-fi mass battle tabletop model game for 1-2 players and with a varying scale for it's small, medium and large ships. Produced by Fantasy Flight Games, and pits the Galactic Empire vs the Rebel Alliance in battles against capital ships.


Armada emphasises fleet action on a larger scale than X-Wing, as mighty Imperial Star Destroyers engage Rebel frigates & corvettes in intense tactical battles where every ship can make a difference and engineer crews scramble to raise fallen shields, repair breaches as turbolaser fire streaks across the void of space and fighters swarm to prevent bombers reaching their targets.


Due to the scale on which capital ships operate at, ships take longer to react to new orders: as they filter through the chain of command and a new course is set. Admirals must plan in advance where their ships are headed. The firepower that larger ships are capable of bringing to bear may be mighty, but they are more sluggish to respond as they grow in size; a fact the Rebels can take advantage of to out-manoeuvre the brutal Imperial Star Destroyers and weaken the Empire battle by battle.

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