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The Horus Heresy 30k

Set in the 31st Millennium, the Horus Heresy focuses on the single most destructive civil war the Imperium of Man has ever witnessed. Warmaster Horus, mighty Primarch and the God Emperor of Mankind’s favoured son leads the Imperium’s great crusade across the known galaxy, and succumbs to Chaos’s insidious machinations, leading those loyal to him in a war against his father. Battle lines are drawn and loyalties are tested, as battle brothers turn on one another in destructive battles for survival of both their existence and their very ideals.

Exotic weapons of rare destructive quality common amongst the Space Marine legions, once used in conquest humanity’s great crusade to dominate the stars are now turned against one another as Loyalist and Traitor legions clash. Great heroes rise & fall on both sides of the conflict, as the laughter of the Chaos Gods rings across the stars.

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