Citadel Age Of Sigmar: Desolated Township

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1 Age Of Sigmar: Desolated Townscape Scenery Set contains:



  • 8 frames of push-fit Azyrite Ruins scenery, requiring no glue to slot together in whatever configuration you wish. These frames feature enough components to assemble 20 large sections of ruined, crumbling wall, a further 4 small ruined walls, 4 padlocked grills and 8 padlocked chests – these are decorated with sigmarite comets, hinting at possible treasures within

  • A set of 7 Shattered Dominion Objectives, each evoking the constant state of conflict found in the Mortal Realms. These are detailed plastic miniatures that can be used as objective markers or simply to make your gaming table that little bit more atmospheric. Included:

    - Hallowed Tomb: an ancient burial place for a fallen warrior;
    - Trove of Arcane Glory: a collection of magical loot such as books, scrolls and a sextant;
    - Soul Stone: a floating stone, tethered to the ground by 3 chains, its surface is adorned with grinning skulls attempting to break through

  • The Realm’s Ransom: a chest filled with coins (some of which have spilled out onto the ground), goblets, jewels and a lantern. The lid of the chest can be modelled open or closed

  • 1 Ensorcelled Armoury: an impressive pile of shields, swords, hammers and axes

  • 1 Iconoclast Axe: a large fallen statue’s head, with a double-headed axe, which can either be modelled embedded in the head or left as a separate piece

  • 1 Realmvault Key: a mysterious device featuring an orrery with sigmarite comets orbiting a sun, attached to a winch pulling it from the ground.






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