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Corvus Belli Panoceania Jeanne D´Arc (MULTI Rifle) (Repack) Blister Pack

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1 Panoceania Jeanne D´Arc (MULTI Rifle) (Repack) Blister Pack Contains:


1 Model





Under the auspices of PanOceania, the “Maid of Orleans” Project aimed to create a military leader capable of inspiring modern troops through the worst of the fight. They needed someone with extreme charisma, someone capable of turning the tide of combat through sheer courage, zeal, and ardor. PanOceania’s analysts decided that troops with a Christian background were likely to respond favorably to such a figure. The Recreation of the Maid was given tactical capabilities far surpassing those of the original, and was subjected to extensive military-religious training inspired by the methods of the PanOceanian Military Orders.



Supplied Unpainted & Unassembled

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