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Corvus Belli Mercenaries Joe "Scarface" Turner, Mercenary Tag Pilot Blister Pack

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A lifetime ago, Joe Turner was one of the young freedom fighters from the Independent Corporate Republic of the Meteora Group. The micro-satellite in the Human Edge system that rebelled against the regime of neo-slavery imposed by its owner, Chrommia Corporation. The asteroid’s revolution was secretly supported by the Yănjīng, Yu Jing’s intelligence service, always prepared to damage the interests of PanOceania and its corporations. Joe, along with a few other boys, was furtively brought to a clandestine Yănjīng training center where he was taught how to pilot T.A.G.s and was dosed with the Grade-5 combat drug. I don’t know if you have met a Grade-5 addict? This drug was developed by the Yănjīng to be distributed to frontier territories and in the Third World. As kind and nice as you may be, it changes you completely. It turns you into a violent and dangerous sociopath. And Joe was not very nice to start with. So, when his revolution ended, Joe discovered nobody wanted him on that piece of rock for which he had risked his life. He said goodbye to his family, packed his bags and took off to travel the Sphere as a mercenary T.A.G. pilot.



Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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