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Corvus Belli Japanese Secessionist Army Pack (Starter Army Box Set)

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1 Japanese Secessionist Army Pack (Starter Army Box Set) contains:


  • 3 Keisotsu Butai
  • 2 Ryuken Unit-9
  • 1 Kempeitai
  • 1 Daiyokai Dengekitai
  • 1 Oniwaban
  • 1 Kuge Delegate
  • 1 Kuroshi Rider, Aragoto Senkenbutai Riku-Gun-Shoi
  • 1 Kaizoku Spec-Ops (Pre-Order Exclusive)
  • 1 Game mat (paper)
  • 3 JSA Dice
  • 1 Kurage Station Scenery Pack
  • 1 Ruler
  • Markers




Since Yu Jing became a major power, Japan has quietly languished under Chinese dominion. Constantly needing to prove themselves valuable, second-class citizens and generally distrusted by Imperial law.


No longer! The Japanese Sectorial Army's practice & reverence of the ancient Bushido code paragons bravery & courage, and they now rise up in open revolt of Yu Jing's mistreatment, now known as the Japanese Secessionist Army.



The Independent Japanese Military Force, known as the Japanese Secessionist Army or JSA, is primarly an assault force, because the bushido doctrine requires no less.




Supplied unpainted & unassembled