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Spartan Games Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide

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Dangerous enemies are invading key territories throughout the Storm Zone and beyond. Bold defenders on the front lines of battle hold their ground against an ever more aggressive enemy, and the Kurak Alliance needs your help to throw back the foe.

Contained within this Fleet Guide is the information a Fleet Admiral will need to take their Kurak Alliance fleet to war: statistics and profiles for the mighty warships of the Terran Alliance, Sorylian Collective and Aquan Prime, as well as those of the numerous allied races who have taken their side in the deadly conflict.

This book also delivers a wealth of background information, detailing the tumultuous history of the Firestorm Galaxy and the place that each of the major races hold within it. Discover the origins of these great interstellar empires, their role in the raging conflict and breakdowns of their largest armadas.

Muster your starships for battle, the Alliance of Kurak summons its admirals to war!

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