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1 Magic The Gathering: Guilds Of Ravnica Guild Kit - Selesnya Conclave contains:




  •  60 Cards


16 Creatures


1 Trostani, Selesnya's Voice

1 Loxodon Hierarch

1 Venerated Loxodon

1 Armada Wurm

1 Tolsimir Wolfblood

1 Dryad Militant

1 Vernadi Shieldmate

2 Selesnya Evangel

2 Watchwolf

2 Selesnya Guildmage

1 Centaur Healer

1 Conclave Cavalier

1 Siege Wurm



3 Sorcery


1 Camaraderie

1 Hour of Reckoning

1 Call of the Conclave



9 Instant


1 Advent of the Wurm

1 Bounty of Might

1 Gather Courage

1 Selesnya Charm

1 Sundering Growth

2 Devouring Light

2 Scatter the Seeds



2 Artifacts


2 Selesnya Signet



5 Enchantments


1 Glare of Subdual

1 Growing Ranks

1 Privileged Position

1 Conclave Tribunal

1 Pollenbright Wings



25 Land


1 Grove of the Guardian

4 Selesnya Guildgate

4 Selesnya Sanctuary

8 Plains

8 Forest




The Selesnya Conclave wield Green and White mana, and is the current warden of nature and harmony in Ravnica.


Selesnya is a selfless, nurturing group to some, and a brainwashing nature cult to others. The Conclave does have what may be considered a sinister streak, in large part due to their use of "quietmen" to silence citizens of Ravnica.

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