Mystic Spirits Expansion Book, English edition

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The second expansion book for Freebooter’s Fate, “Mystic Spirits” is available! The book includes:

  • Rules for using mystic spirits, called Loas, in games of Freebooter’s Fate
  • Rules and characters of the Cult, our new faction, where everything is all about mysticism and Loas
  • New characters for all crews, including two mercenary-mystics, to allow every crew the use of Loas.
  • Many new scenarios and a mini campaign that is dealing with the reappearance of the Cult
  • A load of narratives and stories, that bring a little light into the mysterious dealings of the Cult and their leaders, and tell you, what each crew is doing at the moment.
  • includes the Simplified loa invokation - to become faster and thus even more fun!

112 full-colour pages, A4, Softcover, English Version

“Mystic Spirits” is not a game in its own right, but rather an expansion to Freebooter’s Fate. A copy of the FF 002 Freebooter’s Fate Rulebook and FF 009 Loa- and Invocation Cards to use the contents of this book.



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