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Battle Foam P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Half Tray Pluck Foam Load Out (Black)

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The P.A.C.K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) 720 can fit 12 inches (305 mm) of Battle Foam Large (BFL) size foam trays (15.5W x 12L"). Its rugged, black Kevlar exterior protects a hard plastic interior built for strength and durability. This bag now offers a molle system, which allows you to further customize this bag to fit your specific storage and transportation needs.  Molle accessories are sold separately and offer storage solutions for tablets and other small books, dice and other gaming accessories as well as cell phones and other personal items.  This bag was designed for airport travel and meets all FAA regulations for carryon luggage. Note: Please check your airlines carryon guidelines before travel.

This bag comes fully loaded with 24 inches of Battle Foam Small (BFS) size pluck foam trays (11.5W x 7.75L"), which fit perfectly in the bag when loaded side by side.  The foam tray load out breaks down to 2x 1.5 inch (28 mm) tray, 2x 2.5 inch (63 mm) tray, 2x 3 inch (76 mm) and 2x 4 inch (100 mm) trays. The pluck foam pieces are 3/4 inch (19 mm) squares. 

At times, pluck foam trays may require an exacto blade to cut through portions of the foam.

Tray Size - Battle Foam Small (11.5W x 7.75L" (292W x 197L mm))

Outside Bag Dimensions - 18W x 14L x 14H" (457W x 356L x 356H mm)

Front Pocket Dimensions - 10W x 8.5L" (254W x 216L mm)

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