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(We have a history of being completely honest with our customers, and while this situation is still unfolding we need to be as transparent with you now )
We want to make everyone aware that we had a major technical error with our website this morning with the sale of the new Indomitus preorders. We made sure to only sell the 300 stock we had, we disabled the products ability to be back-ordered and we even scripted the site to ensure no one could add more than one to a cart to prevent people buying more stock than allowed.
Despite our best efforts we have managed to oversell the product by a large number.
It seems like our website platform (which is an enterprise solution called Shopify - trusted by millions of merchants worldwide) simply could not reduce down the stock while so many hundreds of people were going through the cart simultaneously.
We sold out of all of our stock within 4 minutes. We removed the product, but the orders kept coming through. In a bid to stop any more orders coming through we shut down the site entirely while Shopify's systems caught up.
We will be in talks with Shopify engineers to ensure this cannot happen again. We have already called heads of various departments into work this morning to try and handle the situation as quickly as possible.
We are already overwhelmed by customers emailing in asking if we have more stock, we know this announcement will be a massive concern. Please do not email us yet.
What are we doing:
We are in the process of counting the orders, making sure that the customers who ordered first (down to the millisecond) are allocated stock on a first-come-first-served basis.
We are going to be emailing everyone affected to state that your wave 1 preorder was not secured and giving you the option of an immediate refund. Or the option to bear with us until early this week to see if we can secure any more stock from Games Workshop.
We will be allocating whatever stock we have for wave 2, to those who we oversold wave 1 preorders too. You may be contacted to be told you DO have stock, but you will be required to wait until the second wave of stock arrives in late August.
If you are affected by this situation, please accept my sincerest apologies and the apologies of our team. We have all travelled into the office today to sort this out, we are in the office and will remain here until we have done what we can.
Please wait for us to contact you, then reply to those emails to enable our support team to keep on top of this.
Thank you for your time and understanding,
James Hall - Company Founder