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Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan -


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Supplier Games Workshop Direct Only
Code 99120399002
Type Model


Buy Cheap Games Workshop Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Direct Only Adeptus Titanicus Models Now, Get Free UK Delivery Over £75 - Same Day Dispatch In Stock Orders - Royal Mail 24 Service Standard



This product is part of Games Workshop's Direct Only retail range, and is manufactured to order. Due to terms & conditions of the Direct Only Retailer program, orders containing Direct Only PRE ORDER items will be dispatched AFTER release day.


1 Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan box set contains:


  • Enough components to assemble 1 Warlord class Battle Titan



The Warlord is a colossal artefact of war, capable of carrying all but the largest and heaviest macro weapons available to Battle Titans in the Imperium. The amount of firepower a single Warlord Titan can bring to bear rivals a small Void-faring ship, and can smash entire cities to rubble and ash with ease.

Mounting of large weapons such as the Bellicosa Pattern Volcano Cannon, Quake cannon, Plasma Annihilator or the Macro-sized Gatling Blaster is made possible by the Warlord's substantial plasma reactor reserves and multiple layers of Void shielding to protect it from retaliation from others of it's kind. A double edged sword, as this massive behemoth will almost certainly scourge it's surroundings from existence, should it's enormous plasma reactor lose containment and detonate.

The carapace may also be festooned with secondary titan-class weaponry that would be considered primary armaments on smaller titans such as the Warhound, and boasts a heavily armoured chassis in addition to robust void shielding.



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