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Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies Of Fire (En)



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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 60011899002
Type Box Set

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1 Skies Of Fire box set (En) contains:


  • Components to assemble 2 Valkyrie Assault Carriers OR 2 Vendetta Gunships
  • Components to assemble 3 Lightning Strike Fighters OR 2 Lightning Strike Fighters and 1 Lightning Interceptor


  • 2 T'au Tiger Shark Fighter Bombers
  • 3 T'au Barracuda Interceptors

  • 1 Game mat
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Transfer sheet
  • Dice, reference sheets, tokens necessary for play



Skies Of Fire takes place in the heat of the Taros Campaign: a concerted effort on the Imperium's part to retake the mining colony world, that fell into Tau control. The Imperium's tried & true designs and campaign experience are pitted against the deadly high tech Tau Air Caste aerospace combat craft - laden with sophisticated sensor suites, agile thrusters and automated defence systems that allow them to compete with the Imperium on equal terms, turning battles into a tense war of aerial attrition that will influence the ultimate fate of Taros!


Supplied unpainted & unassembled


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