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Age Of Sigmar: Aether War Box Set (En)

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About This Product

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1 Age Of Sigmar: Aether War (EN) box set contains:


18 Plastic miniatures


*Unique to this box set


Kharadron Overlords:




Disciples Of Tzeentch:



Includes 41-page narrative Aether War book, Warscroll cards and tokens needed to play with this set




Immediately recognisable by their impressive fleets of airborne infantry and dirigibles, Kharadron Overlords are equally capable in matters of both war and mercantile, and can quickly swap between the two. Aether Gold drives Kharadron society, and expedition leaders will go to surprising lengths to lay claim to the biggest deposit they can find.


Utterly inscrutable, the servants of the Chaos God Tzeentch act as an extension of it's byzantine will in the mortal realms.

The Tzaangor are avian beastmen and mutated humans touched by Tzeentch's influence, granting them an affinity for sensing magic. Enlightened are particularly esteemed Tzaangor capable of glimpsing echoes of the past in an area. Gravitating towards sites of great magical power, Tzaangor herds will defend their chosen homes ferociously against interlopers.



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