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Infinity Bakunin Uberfallkommando - Nomads

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Supplier Corvus Belli
Code 280546-0293
Type Model Pack


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1 Nomads Bakunin Uberfallkommando Box Set contains:

1 Model

  • 3x PUPNIK (DA CCW)
  • 1x CHIMERA (Viral CCW)

The Überfallkommando is the field unit of the Sport Crimes section. This section belongs to the Vice Unit of the Detective Office (Cover Operations) of the Bakunin Moderator Corps. The main mission of their members is to identify, investigate and break up criminal organizations involved in sport crimes, infiltrating them from street level to their highest ranks. In police slang, the term “sport” refers to illegal Aristeia! combats and all the illicit body modifications these involve.
The section’s agents are often escorted by a pack of specially combat-trained Pupniks, which are part of their cover as members of the underground Aristeia! circuit. Pupniks are also a highly effective tool when the Überfallkommando has to get involved in riot control and tactical operations, especially when they collaborate with Der Morlock Gruppe.

Pupniks was the name given by US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy to the puppies borne by a female dog from the Soviet space program, a gift from Nikita Khrushchev, and his daughter’s dog. Currently, the term is used to denominate all human-animal hybrid products, derived from illicit genetic techniques.