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Goryshche - Cult Of The Burning Man - The Other Side - WYR40258



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Supplier Wyrd
Code WYR40258
Type Model

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1 Cult Of The Burning Man: Goryshche Titan box set contains:

  • 1 Goryshche Titan model
  • Stat Cards
  • Bases

The Goryshche is a massive, twisted creature. Like the hydra, the beast possesses numerous heads and the ability to replace any that are lost, thanks to it's rapid regeneration.

The Goryshche is significantly easier to wound than other creatures of it's size. However it's ability to grow new snapping heads gives it an unconventional durability, trading it's extra heads to mitigate incoming damage. On top of the rapacious hunger found in it's 'Hungry Maw' trigger effect making the Goryshche a dangerous foe to enemy commanders that have the misfortune to come into striking distance of this monster.

The Cult of the Burning Man has its beginnings in the ramblings of Ephraim Wade. Ephraim had strange visions, born of the things to come, and spread his twisted views with any who would listen. He didn't attract much attention at first, but when the Burning Man appeared in the skies above London, it lent credence to many of Ephraim's teachings. As London burned, the Cult rose from its flames.

The Cult are the insane followers of the enigmatic Burning Man. The forces of the voiceless entity are made up of monstrous aberrations and humans touched by the chaotic magics that lie between worlds. A Cult of the Burning Man army specializes in hit and run tactics and using magic to defeat their foes.

Supplied unpainted, some assembly may be required

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