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Astra Militarum Baneblade Super Heavy Tank

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About This Product

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1 Astra Militarum Baneblade Super Heavy Tank box set contains:



295 components to assemble 1 Baneblade tank, or 1 of 7 different variants!



A symbol of the Imperial Guard's enduring might. Festooned with guns and clad in reinforced armour plates, this enormous hulk grinds inexorably forwards as the forward spear head of an armoured detachment, or as the fulcrum of an Imperial defence. When a Baneblade enters the battle, everyone (wisely) takes notice.



Variants include:





The Banehammer trades it's Baneblade battle cannon for a tremor cannon, designed to pulverise ground and infantry standing on it.



The Banesword is a variant of the Shadowsword that trades it's volcano cannon for a quake cannon: an enormous long range siege gun that fires shells infused with the death of a world subjected to the Inquisition's infamous Exterminatus order.



The Doomhammer variant emphasises tactical flexibility: while the magma cannon is smaller and shorter than the Shadowsword's volcano cannon, this tank may even carry infantry.



The Hellhammer variant mounts similar weaponry to the standard Baneblade, but swaps it's battle cannon for the hellhammer cannon; a shorter range weapon but designed with cover-dense city fighting in mind. There is little point in trying to hide from this behemoth's gun.



The Shadowsword carries the mighty volcano cannon, a dedicated titan killer that is sure to violently erase anything smaller than one from existence, and blow limbs off it's towering prey of choice.



The Stormsword is another variant based on the Shadowsword, based on a field conversion and geared towards providing troops close-quarter siege support in city-fighting scenarios with it's siege cannon; a weapon that launches rocket-propelled shells capable of collapsing whole buildings.



The Stormlord is a variant that also follows the philosophy of mounting titan weapons on non-titan weapons platforms, and carries the vulcan mega-bolter instead of a large cannon. The Stormlord is frequently seen along side dedicated anti-armour Baneblade variants, as the mega bolter is most effective at scything the infantry down that would escape the attention of the Shadowsword or Banesword.




Supplied unpainted & unassembled




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