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Reaver Titan W/Melta Cannon & Chainfist - Adeptus Titanicus

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About This Product

Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120399010
Type Model Pack


Buy Cheap Games Workshop Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Adeptus Titanicus Models Now, Get 10% Discount Off RRP - Free UK Delivery Over £75 - Same Day Dispatch In Stock Orders - Royal Mail 24 Service Standard

1 Adeptus Titanicus: Reaver Titan W/Melta Cannon & Chainfist box set contains:

  • Enough components to assemble 1 Reaver class Battle Titan

This kit contains parts to equip your Reaver Titan with a devastating Melta cannon, carapace-mounted Turbo Laser Destructor and a ferocious Chainfist

Particularly aggressive-looking, even compared to its contemporaries, this highly-detailed Titan is easily recognised by its flattened face profile and angular carapace.

It comes armed with several weapon options – a melta cannon and volcano cannon are available, alongside a chainfist. Above the carapace – of which 2 are included, 1 blank – resides a turbo laser destructor, either side of which are the shoulder pads (3 sets are included – 1 set loyalist, 1 set traitor and 1 set blank). Further modelling options include the knee pads – 2 of these are blank, with 1 depicting the symbol of the Opus Titanicus.

This kit is supplied with a Citadel 105x70mm Oval base along with a decal sheet – this features heraldry for the following Legions: Gryphonicus, Fureans, Astorium, Atarus, and Mortis.

Reaver class battle titans are ancient machines among an organisation full of ancient machines of war.

The Reaver contains technology from schematics rare within the Imperium that allows it to mount and fire large complicated missile weapon systems, and allows it to carry large macro weapons that give them an overall punch beyond their weight.

Larger than a Warhound but smaller than a Warlord, and it is unwise for a Titan Princeps to dismiss them as a threat based on their size alone.

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