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Stormfang Gunship - Space Wolves

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Supplier Games Workshop
Code 99120101346
Type Model


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  • The Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship multi-part plastic kit makes 1 Stormfang Gunship
  • Equipped with a helfrost destructor that runs along the length of its fuselage
  • The two side sponsons can be equipped with a choice of twin-linked heavy bolters, skyhammer missiles or twin-linked multi-meltas
  • On the hull you can either mount two stormstrike missiles or replace them with twin-linked lascannon
  • The Stormfang has one access point at the rear of its hull that functions as a transport for up to six Space Wolves
  • There is also an abundance of iconography including shields, pelts and hanging chains which can be used to customise your Stormfang Gunship
  • This kit can also be assembled as a Stormwolf Assault Craft

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