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The Frenzy - Gibbering Hordes

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About This Product

Supplier Wyrd
Code WYR40209
Type Model Pack


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1 Gibbering Hordes: The Frenzy box set contains:

  • 3 Frenzy commander models
  • Stat Cards
  • Bases

Frenzies are deadly creatures that travel in powerful hunting packs. The three strongest Frenzies in a group are in charge of the others. Though this arrangement is simple, there are regular challenges to authority, and in larger pods, the three Frenzies in charge of the group can change quite rapidly. They do not speak but instead project their thoughts outward, bullying the other members of the Gibbering Hordes into submission through sheer force of will.

On the tabletop, the Frenzy benefits immensely from being both a Commander and a Squad. Most importantly ,this allows the Frenzy to Reinforce to replace lost members, which gives them a greater capacity than most to survive incoming attacks and recover from a particularly brutal fight.

The Gibbering Hordes are denizens of old Malifaux, before the fall of the Tyrants. In the resulting war, they chose the wrong side and were cast into the ocean. Over the centuries, their forms twisted to accommodate their new lives, and as the years passed they began to forget... but numerous portals opening in the ocean dumped the Hordes onto Earth, shocking the creatures into a hunger-filled frenzy.

The Gibbering Hordes are amphibious creatures that dwell in many of Malifaux's waterways and oceans. Much of their intelligence has been forgotten in favor of sharp animal instinct and a desire to survive. Led by their more aware kin, the Hordes have decided to make the Earth their new home. A Gibbering Hordes army is focused on melee, using their seemingly infinite numbers to conquer their enemies.

Supplied unpainted, some assembly may be required