TT COMBAT Rumbleslam Deluxe Counters and Tokens

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The RUMBLESLAM Deluxe Counters and Tokens are a great upgrade to the acrylic counters included in the RUMBLESLAM Starter Box. The set includes 55 resin counters and tokens that are pre-coloured to make them easy to see in a frenzied mid-match state!

The set contains:

  • 12 x Single Damage tokens
  • 6 x Double Damage tokens
  • 4 x Triple Damage tokens
  • 5 x Crowd Pleaser tokens

  • 5 x -1AP counters
  • 5 x +1AP counters
  • 5 x -1MP counters
  • 5 x +1MP counters
  • 4 x Knockdown counters
  • 4 x Bleeding counters
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