Citadel Sector Imperialis: Objectives

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The Sector Imperialis; Objectives box set contains:

7 plastic objective markers for use in games of Warhammer 40,000


  • Munitorum Supply Dump: a selection of ammunition paraphernalia, featuring 3 crates (with separate lids) and 2 bombs

  • Exterminatus Device: an unexploded incendiary device, counting down dangerously close to apocalypse

  • Orbital Vox Array: a tall communications mast

  • Administratum Cogitator Shrine: a computer terminal, featuring pipework visible behind the phosphorescent screen

  • Field Medicarium: a sinister medicae servitor and operating table

  • Lucius Pattern Escape Pod: featuring a removable door and optional rock for mounting

  • Xenos Stasis-Crypt: a specimen tank containing the head and spine of a Genestealer, with a clear plastic front


  • This kit is supplied as 42 plastic components, 3 of which are made from clear plastic




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