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Spartan Games Sorylian Collective Ground Command Helix

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The Jol'Tak Command Skiff acts as a command point for the Ro'Mul'Kat Warchiefs. With their Kul'Vok Bodyguards in close attendance these venerable warriors fight alongside their subjects on the fields of battle spurring them on with their own acts of valour and ferocity. The vehicle is fitted with an array of communications devices and a prototype New-Dawn Nexus Designator to greatly improve the effectiveness of artillery barrages. In addition, the Skiff is armed with a powerful Nar'VaK Titan Cannon and a brace of Sar'Nav Grenade Launchers, perfect for softening up a target prior to assault.

This pack contains:

  1. 1 Jol'Tak Heavy Command Skiff
  2. 4 Ja'Gor Recon Walkers
  3. 4 Kul'Vok Heavy Infantry Bases
  4. 1 Ro'Mul'Kat Warchief Base
  5. 1 Sky Drop Marker & Micro Dice

Models come unassembled and unpainted
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