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Games Workshop Space Marines Primaris Repulsor Tank

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The Space Marine Primaris Repulsor Tank box set contains the components necessary to assemble a Space Marines Primaris Repulsor tank

Also an armoured transport capable of ferrying up to 10 Primaris Space Marines into battle

The Repulsor has a choice of:

  • A turret-mounted heavy onslaught gatling cannon, which can be replaced with a las-talon

  • A front-mounted twin heavy bolter, which can be replaced with a twin lascannon

  • A pintle-mounted ironhail heavy stubber, which can be replaced with an onslaught gatling cannon

  • A rear-mounted Icarus ironhail heavy stubber, which can be replaced with an an Icarus rocket pod, storm bolter or - fragstorm grenade launcher

  • 2 storm bolters, which can be replaced 2 fragstorm grenade launchers

  • Auto Launchers, which can be replaced 2 fragstorm grenade launchers

  • The repulsor is also equipped with a pair of krakstorm grenade launchers and may take an additional ironhail heavy stubber

    The body of the Repulsor itself features numerous modelling options:

  • 6 stowage assemblies, which are entirely modular, configurable in countless different ways with cases of grenades and rocket pods modelled open or closed

  • The top hatch can be modelled closed or open; should you choose the open option, you can place a Tech-marine in the hatch either pointing toward the foe or operating the pintle-mounted weapon

  • There are also the usual details you would expect from an Imperial craft – lights, radar arrays, huge exhaust vents and an aquila displayed proudly at the fore

  • The Primaris Repulsor comes as 168 components, and includes a transfer sheet and a Citadel 100mm Round base – this features a clear hover stand, which can be set at an angle

  • No Chapter iconography sculpted onto the miniature, so it can be painted to suit your own Chapter


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