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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Defender Expansion Pack

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1 Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Defender Expansion Pack contains:



  • 1 Pre-painted, pre-assembled TIE Defender miniature


  • 1 Plastic base
  • 2 Plastic pegs
  • 2 Ship tokens
  • 1 Maneuver dial
  • 1 Critical Hit token
  • 1 Focus token
  • 1 Evade token
  • 3 Shield tokens
  • 6 ID tokens (#37-38)
  • 2 Target Lock Tokens (W,X)
  • 1 Stress token
  • 2 Ion tokens


  • 4 Pilot Cards
  • 5 Upgrade cards



The TIE Defender Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ introduces a powerful, straight-forward Imperial fighter with strong shields, weapons, agility, and a maneuver never before seen on a dial. The TIE defender miniature comes meticulously sculpted and pre-painted at 1/270 scale, along with four ship cards, one maneuver dial, all the tokens you need, and five upgrade cards, which include a pair of elite talents certain to make your elite TIE Defender pilot a truly fearsome Predator throughout the game's tensest dogfights.

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