Freebooter's Fate - Amazons - Freebooter

The Amazons - Freebooter Miniatures

The Amazons are the embodiment of lethally graceful femininity. They have a close bond with their environment and live in harmony with the Earth Mother. Their home lies on a different island in a temple city surrounded by ruins, from where their hunters and warriors ventured forth in order to find and secure holy sites which had been lost to them. This gets them into unavoidable conflict with the largely patriarchal civilization which dominates Longfall.

The Amazons suddenly appeared from the jungle, only a few people know that they are really from a faraway island. They have a close bond with the animals of their home jungles and are organised in suitably themed tribes. Nobody really knows what they want, though the city’s youth has some far-fetched theories.

Amazons need dense jungle to really play to their tactical strengths: hit-and-run attacks in melee and at range. To this end, Amazons are very mobile, even in dense terrain. They should, however, be wary of major counter attacks, because this crew of mostly lithe and graceful female characters and only a few “big girls” tends not to cope well with determined resistance.


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