Freebooter's Fate - Pirates - Freebooter

The Pirates - Freebooter Miniatures

Driven by a sheer inexhaustible greed for riches and power (and rum), the Pirates have managed to establish themselves in former Puerto Alto and conquer a large part of the city. They are currently a major power. However, after the most powerful captains joined forces to drive the Imperial Armada into the jungle, cracks are beginning to appear in the façade of that fragile alliance.

The Pirates - Freebooter Miniatures

Pirates are the best allround crew, an excellent mixture of hard-hitting shooters and even harder-hitting close-combat brawlers. And you can extend the crew in either direction, depending on your treasure chest. They are tactically versatile, suitable for the dashingly offensive (boarding) attack or the rather less honourable defensive hunkering down. Plus, they can hold their rum and are the best at saying “Arrr!” What more do you want, really?



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