Rashaar - Dagon - Gang - Carnevale

"The Rashaar have a good selection of magic users, magical monsters and a variety of small monsters and humans that assist them. An extremely balanced faction that can be used in a variety of ways which are equally as rewarding. You may not have many ranged attacks without magic, but that is well made up for by their viciousness in close combat and their magical ability. More so than any other faction, the Rashaar are able to select numerous monsters in their gang, each with a very different aesthetic and play-style on the tabletop. For example they have the Karcharos which is a shark-like creature with is capable of walking on land, or the Brachyura which is crab-like with a tough outer shell and powerful claws used to crush its enemies. Finally the Rashaar have access to the biggest, scariest monster in the game in the Morgraur-Rashaar, a monster capable of devouring even powerful creatures whole with little effort. To buff these monsters the Rashaar have access to Slaves which are able to take objectives or give their own life to replenish that of one of the larger monsters."

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