Maelstrom's Edge - Spiral Arm Studios

Maelstrom's Edge is a tabletop war game using detailed plastic miniatures that fills the gap between small scale skirmish games with several individual models per side and large scale war games with scores of models per side. Maelstrom's Edge uses about 20 to 30 models a side, making it easy to model, easy to paint and easy to play. Forces consist of several small-sized units, which is why we call the game a 'squad-based skirmish game'. Because it is a miniatures game, you get to assemble and paint your own models to pit against an opponent on a table dressed up with terrain to form your battlefield.

 The conflicts on your table take the form of missions set in the desperate Maelstrom's Edge universe, populated by the Epirian Foundation and their robotic forces, the secretive Karist Enclave supported by the alien Angels, and various other factions. The content below highlights our game, background and models, and how you can get started.