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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Tantive IV Expansion Pack

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1 Star Wars X-Wing: Tantive IV Expansion Pack contains:



  • 1 Pre-painted, pre-assembled Corellian CR90 Corvette miniature


  • 2 Large plastic bases
  • 2 Plastic extension pegs
  • 1 CR90 Ship token
  • 1 CR90 Maneuver dial
  • 1 CR90 Maneuver template
  • 1 Huge range ruler
  • 1 Reinforce token
  • 16 Energy tokens
  • 2 Target Lock tokens (Q,R)
  • 14 Shield tokens
  • 6 Ion tokens


  • 1 Campaign progress sheet
  • 1 Hyperdrive card
  • 1 Class-E cargo container
  • 2 Satellite tokens
  • 5 Damage tokens
  • 6 Scope tokens
  • 6 Hyperdrive token
  • 5 Active charge tokens
  • 4 Dud charge tokens


  • 2 Pilot cards
  • 24 Upgrade cards
  • 20 Damage cards
  • 1 Reference card




The iconic Corellian CR90 comes to life in X-Wing™ with the Tantive IV™Expansion Pack! Featuring one huge, pre-painted CR90 miniature, its maneuver dial, plus all the cards and tokens that you need to field it, the Tantive IV Expansion Pack adds fantastic depth to the game's Cinematic Play and its massive, new Epic Play format. Moreover, rules for “energy” fuel your shields and weapons, and a new maneuver template ensure that the Tantive IV fights and flies in a manner as epic as the ship deserves! This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

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