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Warlord Games The Road to Berlin Supplement Rule Book

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  • Bolt Action's next step within its gaming world is exploring the downfall of the Third Reich



Contained within in the 148 pages of detailed text, breathtaking imagery and full-colour art, this book also has:


Campaign Overview

Operation Bargration

  • Fighting Bargration
    • Which includes scenarios, special rules and historical context


  • Bargration Theatre Selectors
    • Which includes famous platoons such as the 53rd Guards tank Brigade, German Heavy Tank Abteilung and the 5th Panzer Division!


  • Additional German Units
    • Scenario 1: The Tigers of Krupki
    • Scenario 2: The battle of Pleshchenitsy
    • Scenario 3: The '34'


Lvov-Sandomierz Offensive


  • Fighting the Lvov-Sandomierz offensive
    • Which includes scenarios, special rules and Lvov-Sandomierz specific scenarios


  • Lvov-Sandomierz theatre selectors


  • Scenario 4: big game hunting
    • Which includes a hero of the Soviet Union, Lt. Aleksandr P. Oskin


The Warsaw Uprising


  • Fighting the Warsaw uprising
    • Which includes scenarios, special rules and Warsaw uprising specific scenarios


  • Warsaw uprising theatre selectors


  • Armia krajowa theatre selector
    • Which includes additional Armia Krajowa Units and German Warsaw Uprising Units


  • Scenario 5: Man the barricades
  • Scenario 6: Kubus and the grey wolf


The Struggle Continues


  • Fighting ‘the struggle continues’
    • Which includes scenarios, special rules for ghost wars and the Struggle Continues Theatre Selectors


  • NKVD Theatre Selector
  • NKVD Additional Units


Clearing The Flanks

  • Scenario 7: Breakout from Petsamo


The Vistula-Oder Offensive

  • Fighting the Vistula-Oder offensive
    • Which includes General Scenarios and Vistula-Oder Scenarios
  • Vistula-Oder offensive theatre selectors
  • Scenario 8: ‘the Ivan’s are coming…’
  • Scenario 9: race to the Pileca river
  • Scenario 10: an unexpected encounter


Operation Berlin

  • Fighting Operation Berlin
  • Scenarios
    • Which include General Scenarios and special rules for Operation Berlin Scenarios
  • Operation Berlin theatre selectors
    • Which include the extended Last Levy Theatre Selector and the replacement Panzer Force
  • Additional German Units
    • Which include The German Replacement Army and a hero of the Soviet Union, junior Sergeant Vasily Kharinaevich Khantaev
  • Scenario 11: The Seelow heights
  • Scenario 12: Tank hunting
  • Scenario 13: Berlin: crossing the spree


The Prague Uprising

  • Fighting the Prague uprising
    • Which includes scenarios, general scenarios, Prague specific scenarios and The ROA
  • ROA theatre selector
  • Additional Units
  • Scenario 14: The Prague uprising: enter the ROA


Appendices: Additional Special Rules

  • Snow, mud, ice and frostbite
  • Dug-in: foxholes, trenches and gun pits
  • Minefields
  • City fighting



You will need the Bolt Action rulebook to use the Tank War supplement

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