Plastcraft Urban Furniture

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Product description

x4 Chairs:
Width: 1.6cm/ 0.6in
Height: 2.5cm/ 1in
Length: 1.8cm/ 0.7in

x2 Bench:
Width: 5.2cm/ 2in
Height: 2.2cm/ 0.9in
Length: 2cm/ 0.8in

x1 Fountain:
Width: 6.4cm/ 2.5in
Height: 6.6cm/ 2.6in
Length: 6.4cm/ 2.5in

x2 Bus Stop:
Width: 7.2cm/ 2.8in
Height: 6.2cm/ 2.4in
Length: 3.3cm/ 1.3in

x2 Tables:
Width: 4.7cm/ 1.9in
Height: 2cm/ 0.8in
Length: 2.5cm/ 1in

This model comes pre-colored.


This product is delivered unassembled. 

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