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Mantic Games Warpath: Veer-myn Mega Force

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1 Warpath: Veer-myn Mega Force Box Set contains:



  • 40 Hard Plastic Night Crawkers/Stalkers with Weapon Options
  • 5 Plastic Maligni
  • 5 Hard Plastic and Metal Creepers
  • 8 Hard Plastic Nightmares Weapon Options
  • 2 Plastic Rumbler Weapons Platforms with Weapon Options
  • 2 Plastic Progenitors with Weapon Options
  • 3 Plastic Tunnel Runners
  • 1 Plastic Night Terror with Weapon Options
  • 1 Hard Plastic Tunneller with Weapon Options
  • 25mm, 40mm and 60mm Round Bases
  • Mantic Points




The Veer-Myn infest many planets whose populations remain blissfully unaware. Decades or even centuries can pass with this state of affairs maintained, but if the Veer-Myn perceive a threat to the Brood Mother, they will swarm forth in a living tide to overwhelm it, before slinking back to their lairs.




Supplied unpainted & unassembled

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