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About Dropfleet Commander

Dropfleet Commander is a 10mm / 1:30.5 scale sci-fi mass battle tabletop game for 1-2 players, originally designed & published by Hawk Wargames, now produced by Tabletop Combat, and depicts opposing fleets battling to establish orbital dominance over a system's planets.


A space-faring counterpart to Dropzone Commander (also designed by Hawk Wargames and now since produced by Tabletop Combat), Dropfleet Commander features a strong tactical layer and is more than about just having the biggest ships on your side of the board(!)

Thanks to the nature of space and the tremendous distances between each other, weapon ranges are technically infinite, with their potential limited by whether the opposing ships can find their targets on their sensors, and hide from the enemies' scanners respectively.


Numerous in-game effects can affect how easily a ship may be detected, especially firing their weapons, or other actions and damage results that would give away their position. Balancing remaining hidden until the right moment to unleash a crippling barrage, or closing in at the first opportunity for a brutal slugging match.


Occupying and/or bombarding planets is integral to Dropfleet Commander. Carriers and other capital ships laden with dropships must arrive in orbit safely and deploy their cargo planetside, but must take care that they are not subsequently bombed from space by the enemy fleet. This also means that it's not always about having the biggest guns, and less numerous fleets may still be out-manoeuvred!


Between a deep tactical rule set and excellent plastic/resin models, Dropfleet Commander is fast & easy to get started with!

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